I am a self taught artist who has had the benefit of learning from other artist over the years through occasional workshops, as well as time spent studying my treasured collection of artist authored books.   After all, we learn from living and those we admire.  I have been a maker my whole life, working in various media; including painting, jewelry, sculpting and hand sewing.  Since 2005, I have enjoyed mixed media doll making and it has been an art form where I can play with many mediums.  My dolls are sculpted from air-dry paper clay, cloth, sticks and found objects from walks in the woods.  I also find inspiration for my doll sculptures from vintage fabrics and do-dads found at flea markets. More recently I’ve added spun cotton figures to my doll making repertoire, inspired by the antique ornaments made in central Europe in the early 1900s.

Currently, I divide my studio time between doll making and painting; going back and forth between the two helps to keep my creative process fresh.  Over the years, many of my dolls and paintings have found new homes with collectors across the United States, Europe and Australia.